Reunited and it feels so good
I see 2014 as the year of big time band reunions. Maybe it has to do with the number 2014 itself. Two: usually the number of people it takes to break up a band. 0: the initial chances of ever reconciling just enough to share the stage again. 1: the first person to set aside their stubbornness and extend the olive branch. 4: the perfect number of musicians it takes to make the ultimate rock band (i.e. The Fab 4, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin and Rush if you count Neil Peart twice as you should). Here’s a list of bands I envision reuniting in 2104.

Talking Heads — Band members got sick of the public seeing them as David Byrne’s backing band and Byrne didn’t want to stifle his own creative juices. Their last tour was the epic Stop Making Sense tour of 1983. The group performed “Psycho Killer,” “Life During Wartime” and “Burning Down the House” at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002. Byrne has made it clear he has no interest in getting back together, but the other three seem to want to make it happen. See you at Bonnaroo!

Pink Floyd — Roger Waters left in the early ‘80s while David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason soon carried on without him. Richard Wright died of cancer ruling out a complete reunion. In 2011, David Gilmour performed “Comfortably Numb” with Roger Waters at London’s 02 Arena proving that there’s still a chance the show can go on just a little longer.

Genesis — Peter Gabriel left the group in 1975 and the band became even more successful with Phil Collins (love him or hate him) stepping up to the plate. Gabriel called a band meeting to discuss a reunion tour, but changed his mind. The three man line-up of Collins, Tony Banks and Michael Rutherford decided to go on a reunion tour in 2007 to packed stadiums. Gabriel said “I won’t say never ever,” which I decipher as see you on tour this year.

Led Zeppelin — Drummer John Bonham died in 1980, causing the band to split. Despite pressure from his bandmates and fans, Robert Plant has refused all offers of a reunion tour. In 2007, Led Zeppelin performed their first full concert since Bonham died in 1980 at London’s 02 Arena (although many of the songs were slowed down and performed in a different key). Plant has been extremely clear that he has absolutely no interest in ever fronting Led Zeppelin again. I already have money put aside for the show!

The White Stripes — Jack White was bored with The White Stripes. After stints with Raconteurs and Dead Weathers, he always seemed to come back to the power duo. He and drummer Meg White announced their split in 2011. With the recent success of his solo record and his company Third Man Records, could it be White is cozy in his new role? Nope. We shall see The White Stripes in some form in 2014.

Oasis — Leaves fall off trees, politicians lie and brothers fight. Oasis finally exploded backstage at a Paris festival in 2009 when the brothers Gallagher physically assaulted each other and then refused to take the stage. When Oasis split, Liam Gallagher continued on with as Beady Eye and Noel formed the successful Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. The brothers continue to squabble, but I predict a few healing shows this summer.

Here’s what’s in my headphone this week: Billie Joe and Norah Foreverly