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Life is but a scream
If aliens had landed on NEPA soil last week, they surely would have hopped back into the mother ship with a quickness, terrified by all the screaming.
But they would have made a dreadful mistake because the screeches were all in good fun.
From the ladies in Hazleton who appeared (via a video link) on the ABC hit show, Ellen, to zombies crawling around the streets of downtown Scranton, there was quite a bit of excitement in these parts.
In case you missed it, Cheryl Spare and Lisa Stawick appeared on Ellen last week. The co-workers won a contest in which fans were asked to send in video messages explaining why they wanted to be on the show and meet Ellen Degeneres. The co-workers were shocked and delighted when Degeneres showed up on their computer screens at work. Needless to say, there was a lot of screaming in Hazleton that day. In addition to being presented with a gorgeous (and might we say, enormous) portrait of Degeneres, the pair will be flown to L.A. to meet the show’s famous host in person in November. Bon voyage, ladies! We hope you don’t encounter any zombies along the way.
Forgive us, we have zombies on the brain (or maybe zombies ate our brains?) after the Infect Scranton zombie convention took over parts of Scranton and Taylor over the weekend. If you saw creepy creatures feasting on arms, legs and who knows what on the streets of downtown Scranton Friday night, you weren’t hallucinating. It was all part of a Zombie Pub Crawl.
And just when you thought it was safe to enjoy the September sunshine on Saturday afternoon, the zombies made another appearance — this time in Taylor. The Survivor Challenge showcased the athletic ability of zombie participants who ran through obstacles, mud and more while being chased by, what else, other zombies. Yikes. We’re glad it’s over.
We had to brush off our creepy zombie experiences with a night of laughter, so we headed to the Scranton Cultural Center on Saturday night for the return of the Up and Coming Comedy Series. We spotted plenty of our peeps in the crowd – including fabulous SCC staffers Amy Dickerson and Rachael Fronduti. Of course, we gave a shout out to Rock 107’s Prospector, too, as he opened the show and welcomed comedians Davin with Rich Carucci to Scranton.
All this gallivanting left us hungry, so on Sunday, it was off to an annual event we look forward to each year in Clarks Summit — a Taste of the Abingtons. Hosted by the Rotary Club of the Abingtons, the event at Nichols Village featured cuisine from more than two dozen restaurants. We are still full from what we ate!
In addition to a lovely night of taste testing, we rubbed elbows with a regular who’s who of the Abingtons, including John Hambrose, Bob Vielee, State Rep. Sid Michaels Kavulich, Clarks Summit Council Member Patty Lawler, T’Shaiya Stevenson, Beth O’Malley, Dennis and Sharlene Martin, June Burns, Tata Mbugna, Diane Calabro, Oscar and Elaine Kovaleski, Chuck and Carol Drasba, Ken McGraw,  Ned Connell, Marti and Carm Bilardi, Dennis and Estelle Kelly, Janet and Charles Taylor, Howard and Ellie Hyde, Dierdre and Stanley Chrzanoski, Kiki and Stacey Selig, Mercedes Diaz and Oscar Zalas, Justin Donaldson, Sean Alfred, Bob Jones, Gianna Sturdevant, Matthew Vinetti, Sue Prisk and Joe DiRienzo, just to name a few.

— cb

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